Carole Ammoun

is a Lebanese Actress for Stage and Screen

She has extensively cultivated and refined her performance skills. Beginning in Paris under Sara Eigerman in 1999, she has attended various acting technique and dance training and workshops that have taken her to Minsk, New York, Tunis and back home to Beirut where she currently lives and works.

Fluent in Arabic, French and English, Carole has performed since 2001 in various multi-lingual mainstream and fringe productions in theatre, including I Had a Dream by Vincent Byrd Lesage, Haki Neswan by Lina Khoury, Sharon and my Mother-in-Law, adapted by Afaf Shawwa, directed by Hassan Preisler, Triangulated City with the Lotos Collective, and in short and feature films, such as A Lost Man by Danielle Arbid, Asfouri by Fouad Alaywan, La cendre et la lumière by Jeremie Sheidler.

As an Acting Coach

She has directed professional and amateur actors in Un instant mon glamour by Shirin Abu Shaqra and Listen by Philippe Aractingi.


As a trainer, Carole spearheads Acting Training, an initiative founded in 2012 that develops theatre-based workshops to improve the communication and interpersonal skills of business professionals.

Presentation Skills - Team Building - Leadership Skills - One on One


Writing gives Carole the ability to weave a storyline, to delve into various personas and garner profound insight into different character types. Since 2005 she has published a number of short stories, including Tu finiras vieille fille, La ville au corps, and Le printemps dans les veines, and co-wrote the play, Correspondances, which was staged in Montreal in 2011.

A Convinced Yoga Practitioner

Carole believes in the power and magic of the body-mind connection, which lead her to pursue certified instructor training in Kundalini Yoga with Gurmukh in India in 2013. She has been teaching ever since.

Carole’s yoga journey started in 2009 when she first encountered Hatha yoga, and has continued
ever since as she practiced extensively and attended a variety of workshops. All along she
developed a keen interest in pranayama and meditation. She chanced upon Kundalini yoga as
taught by Yogi Bhajan and completed her teacher training with Gurmukh in Rishikesh in 2013.
She has been transmitting the teachings since then.

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